Monday, October 29, 2007


What a weekend.
First, the Halloween party on Saturday. It was rad, despite a couple of minor incidents , and pictures will be posted as soon as they're uploaded from the digital camera. Jeremy, if you're reading this, thanks for coming - it was awesome to have you just randomly show up like that! - and I hope you and Becca had a great time.

So after the party, I went to work on half an hour's sleep - bad idea. I was a zombie throughout, but it was worth it. I was so tired I took a nap in the adjoining banquet hall on my lunch break. I was so sleepy when I got home that I only caught an inning of...wait, what happened last night? Oh yeah.

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World Champions.

*EDIT* (March 5, 2008) - I'm noticing a lot of traffic directed to this post from Google images. If you happen to be one of those getting here from a Google image search, could you drop a comment and let me know what you searched for to get here? I'm just curious - thanks.

I read somewhere (sources? I don't need no stinkin' sources!) that, during the postgame celebration, a loud contingent of Red Sox fans chanted "Yankees suck! Yankees suck!"
Now, I'm not going to debate the fact that the Yankees do, in fact, suck. We have all known this for a long time now (well, most of us - you know who you are!), but the whole idea of a "Yankees suck" chant seems defeatist and just plain dumb when you aren't even PLAYING the Yankees.
Now that the Red Sox have become the team of the moment to either love or hate (dare I say it? the new Yankees), those idiots from the Bronx are becoming, in Jimmy Carter's words (kindof), increasingly irrelevant. It's high time Red Sox fans realize what they've got - two world championship trophies more than the Yankees in the past four years, 25 guys that love playing in Boston, and - dare I say it? - the makings of a possible dynasty hardly whispered at since that other team from New England reeled off wins in three of the last six Super Bowls and are in a beautiful spot from which to do it again this year. The Yankees shouldn't even matter anymore. Yes, I'm well aware of the deep rivalry. But maybe we should be enjoying this one without thoughts of the Evil Empire lurking in the background. It's juvenile, immature, and really, completely irrelevant.
So A-Rod has opted out of his contract and there's talk about bringing him to Boston. I have mixed feelings about this whole thing. First of all, we need to remember that he isn't a born third baseman - he only got there due to the Yankees' Derek Jeter dilemma - with an All-Star shortstop already, that was really the only place to put him. So we need to keep that in mind, because there's no way Mike Lowell is replaceable - unless, of course, he asks for an unholy amount of money as his contract is up this year - which I don't really see happening. So you could bring in A-Rod to replace Lugo at short. I guess I'd be okay with that.

The aforementioned work on my arm is done. It's a bad picture at a bad angle, but you get the idea (well, I hope so - it's a butcher's diagram of a rabbit). It's on my left bicep, in case the angle of the picture is throwing you off. I love it, love it, love it.

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I've had an odd obsession with escape movies recently. Here from Netflix now is the first two discs from the second season of "Prison Break", as well as the old Clint Eastwood flick "Escape from Alcatraz." If anyone wants to interpret that for me, you're more than welcome. I should mention that the final episode of the first season of "Prison Break" (the part where the President, etc. are in a kitchen, supposedly in D.C., was filmed ten feet below me during dinner service one night at the Fairmont Hotel. We attempted to crash the set prior to filming by strategically placing bottles of fish sauce and Nutella in random locations and scratching our initials into boxes, but the director must have noticed because there's no sign of any of it on the final cut.

That's it from me, have a good night, y'all.

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