Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Stressed over something stupid.

Irony: (noun):
Everything that really should stress me out is rolling right off my back. It's the little annoyances that are really bothering me right now.

Does anyone else NOT have a Halloween costume yet? I've been wracking my brain for ideas, and I guess I just haven't been in a creative mood the last few weeks. It doesn't help that we're throwing a huge party (you're all invited, by the way - Saturday, Oct. 27th - you all know my phone number to get my address), where costumes are absolutely required. All the ideas I have would be difficult to tastefully pull off - Barack Obama, zombie Jerry Falwell, pre-steroids Barry Bonds...so, the search continues.

Check out my friend Jenn's work. She does jewelry and metalworking stuff. It'd be pretty cool if I was a girl, I guess.
So go here and buy things.

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