Saturday, June 21, 2008

The whatever in review.

Yeah, I've been ignoring the blog. What can I say, it's been a busy, busy week - especially towards the middle - I worked from 10 to 10 on Tuesday night, drove down to Chicago and stayed there, was up at 5:30 AM Wednesday, cooked for a while, left about 12:30, got stuck in traffic, back in Madison at 5 PM and went right to work (worst birthday EVER), went home, slept like I've never slept before, and worked 10 to 10 on Thursday. Luckily I had yesterday off - went to the Old Fashioned with a few friends, and sat in a booth drinking brandy slushes (lemonade and orange juice frozen with brandy, scooped into a rocks glass, topped off with Sprite and sour) and playing Scrabble (I placed third out of four - I'm an idiot). The Cubs/White Sox game was on, so I kept half an eye on that - not a good game (Cubs won 4-3 with a Ramirez walk-off home run, but all the runs by both teams except for the Cubs' first came off of the homer,, it was ugly). Went home and just crashed - read on the couch for a while, goofed off on the know how that goes.
And now it's 9:00 on Saturday morning, and I'm back to the couch, doing this, drinking coffee and listening to the hordes of people walking past my window to the farmer's market, punctuated by the idiot on his bongo drums playing on the street corner two blocks away. I really should go to the farmer's market. Everyone talks about how awesome it is, and yeah, but if you don't get out before 9 AM, it turns into the eternal shuffle - traffic moves in one direction and it'll literally take you an hour to walk around the Capitol Square. So no thank you to that.
So I'll be working tonight - really, really hoping it'll be busy - and tomorrow's the company outing - we're headed to see the Madison Mallards play the Wisconsin Woodchucks (seriously) - in a not-quite-single A-baseball game. Should be fun, though.
Speaking of minor league baseball, funny game in New York on Thursday night - ever see an ambidextrous pitcher face a switch hitting batter? (Link to video is on the page.)

(Can you believe I've made it through an entire post without mentioning politics ONCE? Well, here's something for you. Awwww...memories... - Keith Olbermann recaps the primary season.)

Oh, one more thing - you'll notice on the right side, I've added an image from - showing the current status of the Presidential, House, and Senate races. Take a look at that if that kind of thing interests you. Also, there are new links in the "links" section - the aforementioned,, and are all quite interesting sites related to the upcoming election.

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