Thursday, June 5, 2008

Before this gets old and stale.

Okay, I realize the Obama video link from yesterday is broken (for some reason they kept switching the video's location around) but it seems to be in a stable spot now, so if you haven't seen it yet, take a few minutes and watch it:

On the flip side, John McCain's speech was so awful, even Fox News was ripping on him:

And I can't say enough how disgusted I am with Hillary supporters who insist they'll be voting for McCain come November, who feel like "their voices weren't heard" or that "they were ignored." Got news for you, kids, your votes got counted in the fairest way they could have been, it's just that...well...Obama got MORE votes; and if you're going to be such crybabies about this and cut off your noses to spite your faces by voting in a candidate who's the polar opposite of Senator Clinton, then, well, just go ahead and DIAF. Seriously. You talk about needing a Democrat in the White House, and that Hillary has the best chance of beating McCain, but then say stupid things like this...I can't understand it. And I don't feel like proofreading, because I'm angry and have to go to work in a few, so I'm sorry for the rant - the whole situation just blows my mind.
That's not change we can believe in...

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