Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008, here I come!

Seriously, people need better things to do with their time. It is funny, though.

So, happy new year to you all! I had a good one, despite the whole "having to work" thing. We got housed pretty hard at work, which was to be expected as for some reason people want to go out to dinner on New Year's Eve (I can't say I really understand what the big deal is), but it is what it is. I got out at 11:30 and jumped in a cab with some friends - we were headed to Wicker Park but jumped out of the cab right at midnight, so we ended up celebrating on Division. Headed to a bar and got a couple of drinks, then to the Korean barbecue on the wayyy north side. It was really good, though - it's one of those places where they have grills built into the tables, so you sit on the floor and they bring you a bunch of garnishes and raw meat and you grill it yourself. Really good stuff - we all stuffed ourselves on seafood pancakes, beef, chicken, and baby octopus, all washed down with Korean rubbing alcohol...um...I mean, Soju. We got home about 4 AM and crashed - so today is spent recovering, although I feel really good, not just physically, but about the new year, too. 2008 is going to be a good one.
I've got big plans for today. I'm importing a bunch of CDs into iTunes in an attempt to get more than ten songs on my iPod, which is a pain since a bunch of my music was lost when my old computer "crashed." I've also got the football game(s) on, and it's entirely possible that I'll end up on the couch watching a movie or something before the day is out. Big, big plans, I tell you.

I officially put in my notice at the Fairmont yesterday. My last day will be January 13. I'm going to take the job at the Trump, at least until I can figure out what I'm doing. There's other offers bouncing around out there so I'm just trying to get a change of scenery until I really decide what I want to do, I guess.
So, that's it from me!

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