Sunday, November 11, 2007


It's been a crazy, crazy week, and I don't even want to discuss it. Everything's good, I'm just physically and mentally worn. So onto the random, mind-numbing things that keep you people reading.

I say this every year, but Christmas shouldn't be allowed to start before Thanksgiving.

I've got half an eye on the Bears game, and I really don't care what happens. Call me a fair-weather fan, but as far as I'm concerned, their season is over and I'm just watching for the sake of not really having anything better to do.

So I have to admit that I've become somewhat of a couch potato lately. The second season of "Prison Break" is just so good. But we've discussed that before.

According to two separate polls taken in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton's lead in the national polls has shrunk by nine or ten points, depending on which poll you believe. There is such a thing as peaking too soon. (What are Howard Dean and John McCain doing nowadays? Certainly not running the country.) It gives us all a reminder that the election doesn't happen for another year, and as of right now, it's probably smart to support the candidate in whom you believe, not whomever's leading the polls.

Thanks, Blogspot, for opening my eyes to The To-Do List Blog. Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like. I personally find this whole thing fascinating and hilarious. You can find a blog about absolutely anything on the internet, whether it's a collection of passive-aggressive notes , an assortment of photos taken of "Creepy, Abandoned Chi-Chis", or the classic viral internet cliche, Captioned Cats (known throughout the internet community as "lolcats." It's all incredibly funny and mindless.
So if you'd excuse me, I've got some To Do notes to read.

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