Wednesday, November 7, 2007

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"This country should never stoop to torturing people, and we need to put the government on record saying that. This is an important legislation to close loopholes and stop the double-talk and obfuscations from the Bush Administration. Torture doesn't work, the information you get is unreliable, and it's a black mark on the honor of any country that condones it.

Please add your voice to the chorus of Americans standing up and saying, "Not in our name!" We won't have torture committed in our name by any branch of our government. We believe in the rights and dignity of individuals, and our country is too great to be lowered to the level of torturing people. This will be a big fight, and I'll keep you updated with any further ways you can help win this fight for the soul of America. And, when you sign the petition, if you'd like, leave a comment in your own words explaining why you think this is important.

Underneath the petition I'll include the text of the legislation. Thank you so much for your help. This is an important fight for the dignity of all of us.

Thank you so much,
John Kerry"

You can sign that petition here.

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marne said...

every time I check your blog I read "blueberry crepe" and get hungry for one, or three. And not once since I've started checking your blog have I gotten a crepe :(