Sunday, November 4, 2007

21st century marketing at its best.

I have to delay grocery shopping for a few minutes so I can show you this.
Apparently, Nike's ad people have decided that the best way to market their new golf ball, Juice, is to make a bunch of short films showing the ball being fired from a high-powered cannon into various every day objects. So if you've ever wondered what happens when a golf ball with a 312-dimple pattern (how this is a great improvement over the standard pattern, I couldn't tell you), here's your shot. Waste some time and watch some slow motion video of the Juice ball being shot into a gumball machine, a jar of mayonnaise, a gingerbread house, a lava lamp, whatever. And since I'm not much of a golf player (I've only played mini-golf, actually...I think on the small scale), if you get me these golf balls for Christmas, I promise to invite you over so you can see me recreate some of these videos for myself. Objects being considered now are a bottle of fish sauce, the next door neighbor's picture window, and a pile of the upstairs neighbors' newly harvested tomatoes.
Caalllll me!

*Note: Author claims no responsibility for arrests, subsequent prosecutions, or any other negative consequences resulting from reader's actions, regardless of whether or not said reader was "totally encouraged", by author or any other participant, into blasting a "Juice" ball through the front window of an oncoming Blue Line train. This is a stupid thing to do and you should've known that. Have fun in jail.

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