Wednesday, May 7, 2008

This is going to be a quick one, as I have to leave for work in ten minutes. Consider it a reprieve.
So, Obama took North Carolina by a pretty decent margin last night, and it took until the middle of the night to call Hillary as the winner of Indiana. CBS, apparently unaware of problems we had about eight years ago with calling elections too early, gave it to her much earlier in the night - but all of those political analysts couldn't figure out that northwestern Indiana had yet to be counted, which was predicted to go heavily towards Obama. Despite the fact that it did, Hillary still took Indiana by 17,000 votes or so - which sounds like a lot, but only amounted to a razor thin 51 to 49 percent "victory." As of now, she's still staying in the race, as confused as ever about her real prospects of clinching the nomination. I'm too lazy and pressed for time to grab the link, but during her press conference last night, she spoke of Pennsylvania going to her, North Carolina going to Obama, and Indiana being the tiebreaker. I'm not sure she can get much more delusional.
So how did you spend your "economic stimulus" check? I was going to buy a plane ticket or do something totally irresponsible with the $600 Uncle Sam dropped in my account last night, but I decided to be an adult and put it towards my debts. I've got about $200 to go until I can buy a new computer. So I'm looking forward to that...
The How I Spent My Stimulus Blog asks that same question, so go and check out how your decisions stack up with the rest of your fellow Americans.
Time to head to work!

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