Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Oh please oh please be finished...

Yes, I'm a terrible, terrible blogger. It's been a really busy week and you know how it is.
I'm sitting in my living room following the Democratic primary results out of Indiana. CBS has already called it for Senator Clinton, but, as I type this, she's only up 52 to 48 (overall), and northwestern Indiana still has to be counted, which is expected to go strongly Obama. So we'll see if CBS jumped the gun on that one. It'd be nice if this whole thing could be over as soon as possible, as this whole contest is getting positively Tolstoy-esque (-ian?).
It's hill-arious (see what I did there? Haw haw) that there's this whole debate about "who's more blue collar." Frankly, I think neither one deserve the title, but as Hillary's been harping on it most of all, I'm going to take this opportunity to share a remarkable video showcasing her obvious unfamiliarity with that Holy Grail of the midwestern working man, the convenience store coffee machine:

I was in Milwaukee on Sunday helping my parents get the basement cleared out. The city sewer system backed up right into their basement - thankfully, it was clear water, not...well, you get the idea. But it's still rather a pain as we had to take everything out of my dad's office in anticipation for the carpet being ripped out and the whole thing cleaned (as supposedly the water is still contaminated). So that's fun.

As if we're shocked by anything anymore, the news is all over the release of Grand Theft Auto IV (not to be mistaken with Grand Theft Auto 4). And the reaction's been predictable. For those of you who have been hiding under a rock, the Grand Theft Auto series features a guy who runs around town killing gang members, picking up prostitutes, and stealing cars (hence the title). Apparently, in this version, the protagonist has a conscience, and what was no big deal before affects his psyche (although how this works in a game, I'm not entirely sure). It's a ridiculous argument on both sides - Mothers Against Drunk Driving is angry because the main character can drive drunk, while fans of the game argue that he's not very good at it, and has the option to call a cab instead. There's the predictable "WON'T SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN?" outcry. But here's an idea for you all. Maybe concerned parents should (gasp) monitor their kids' game playing habits. We shouldn't expect mass media to babysit. Parents, why don't you think of your children and be real parents. See? Problem (somewhat) solved, much better than censoring the entire media industry because you can't be bothered to check up on what your precious little snowflakes are up to.
Conan O'Brien envisions a "kinder, gentler Grand Theft Auto":

And, I'm out.

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