Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday ramblings...

Sorry my posting's been so infrequent - I don't have a computer anymore, so I have to borrow Tim's if I want to blog. In the end, though, the less I have to subject you to my ramblings is probably better for all of us.

My sleep schedule's still pretty erratic after returning from the other side of the pond. I find myself in bed at 11:30, at latest, and up by 6:30. It's not all bad, I feel like I've got more time before I go to work, but still, I feel kindof...well...old.

I'm doing the New York Times crossword - you've gotta love the clue "pullers of the chariot of Artemis" in the same puzzle as "1990 #1 rap hit that starts 'Yo, V.I.P., let's kick it.'" (For everyone who came across my blog through Google, the answers are "DEER" and "ICEICEBABY." Now leave me alone.)

I'm going to take a little time here, just to say how much I love the internet. (In Jimmy voice) "Have you seen this, have you heard about this?" (A++ for getting that reference, by the way) All of us (well, most of us, anyways) are familiar with the LOLcat macros, popularized by sites like I Can Has Cheezburger, which is basically "YOU HAVE TO SEE THESE ADORABLE PICTURES OF MY KITTIES" taken to a whole new level - people upload their pictures and put captions on them, generally terribly mispelled. For example:



Anyways...if that wasn't going far enough, uses the same idea, except replaces the cats with pictures of everyone's favorite presidential candidate. I'll warn you before you click that while most of them are pretty tame, a few might not be safe for work.


Oh! There's also Hillary Is Mom Jeans, a fun little time waster where people blame anything and everything on Hillary Clinton, including such gems as "Hillary tells your supervisor when you come in late," "Hillary canceled Arrested Development," and "Hillary tries to start the wave at baseball games."
Its sister site, Barack Obama is Your New Bicycle, is basically the opposite (although not as funny) - "Obama escorted your grandma across the street," "...helped you move a sofa," and "...picked you up at the airport."

So this is what politics has come to...LOVE IT.

Does anyone have any book recommendations? Books I've just finished include The Corrections, Life of Pi, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, One Big Damn, I like interesting, quirky fiction.

Anyways, I'm out.

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