Saturday, March 8, 2008

"Train roll on..."

Just to forewarn you, I'm in quite the random mood - so get ready for another long and rambling post!
First things first. I finally saw the Obama music video:

Of course, I appreciate the sentiment...but the whole thing comes off as a little creepy, doesn't it? The whole O-BA-MA chant gets a little too Soviet/Glorious Leader for me. And whoever directed it really should understand that to let Jessica Alba anywhere near the first minute only serves to distract the straight-male-demographic from the message, as the rest of the viewing is spent thinking "When's Jessica Alba coming back?." But all me-being-a-pig aside, conservatives are finding it a little scary, too (link goes to - you have to watch an ad to get access, but the article's worth it). One thing that worries me about a possible Obama presidency (as the article mentions) is that some of his supporters seem to have drunk a little too much of the Kool-Aid, and expect the guy to be a perfect leader, free of mistakes or flaws. Is it possible to be too charismatic, too presidential for one's own good? (Ask Warren Harding.)
Meanwhile, the idiotic joint ticket nonsense continues, and others wonder if all of this infighting just might end up destroying the Democratic Party. Obama took Wyoming tonight, there's Mississippi on Tuesday, and then Pennsylvania almost six weeks later (seriously, for how long do we need to drag this on?) - this one year out of every four in which we begin spring already longing for November. Should be interesting.

I just finished reading The Year of Living Biblically - One Man's Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible. A++, would read again. (Link goes to Amazon, they'll give you a better description.)

Firefox is seriously dragging its feet, so that's probably a sign that I should be done. Don't forget to get up an hour early tomorrow!

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