Thursday, September 25, 2008

John McCain needs a time out to get back to Washington and help with the economic crisis.
It's not at all because the election is slipping out of his reach and neither he nor Palin are ready for the debates. No, it's because he's a Real American Hero (TM) and we need to put politics aside to help the American people.
Seriously, Senator, how dumb do you think we are?
According to, "morning after" polls have found Obama's lead growing from +4 to +6 (Research 2000) and +2 to +3 (Rasmussen). Don't screw with our debates.

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Tim said...

You know what the worst part is? He made a big deal yesterday about getting past partisanship and suspending "politics" in order to get to work. But he's still in New York appearing on the talk shows and decrying the Democrats who are/aren't doing whatever it is he happens to think of the issue today. He just SAYS he's getting to work - he's not.