Tuesday, August 12, 2008

From the man who brought you "Thank you, Your Holiness - awesome speech," comes the President of the United States of America acting like a drunken frat boy while hanging out with the US women's volleyball team. (I know, I hate linking to CNN - you have to watch a quick ad.)

My favorite part is at about 35 seconds in when he says, "So what are you DOING here?" - like it's so strange to run into Olympic volleyball players at the Olympic volleyball court during the Olympics.
The part where he smacks one of the players on the backside is pretty funny too.
Or the part when you distinctly hear someone say "Sir, come on!" as if he's about to add "You're causing a scene!"
Or at the end when he winks and gives a look like "Oh yeah, they TOTALLY want me."
I think the whole video is funny.

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Anonymous said...

"Hey, uh...after the medal ceremony, me and Dick are having a kegger at our place. Three kegs of Natty Light, plus like...50 bottles. You should come, you like, won't even believe how much booze we're going to have. I'm gonna get HAMMERED! YEAH!"