Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's a quick pre-work post today, because I'm tired and need to drink my coffee.
Wow, my feet hurt. It's been a busy past few days, but everything's gone well.
Our garlic dinner was on Sunday - menu is as follows:

- Roasted Garlic Croquettas
- Garlic Sformato with Herb Salad and Garlic Chips
- Sopa de Ajo with Chorizo, Poached Egg, Garlic Toast
- Garlic and Potato Ravioli, Spring Onion Butter
- Braised Grouper with Garlic Broth, Aioli, and Marrow Beans
- Garlic Pastry Cream with Berries

Not too shabby.
I could comment on the Obama/New Yorker cover story, as well as the Jesse Jackson "I'm gonna cut his nuts off" story, but I'm not going to expound to great length on either one of those. I'll just mention that the cover is tasteless and stupid, and the comment was just plain stupid. Can we move on now?

On to the stupid of the day. I'm not even sure why this is news, but there's some gas station in New Hampshire charging by the half gallon. It's because the cost of replacing the pumps to reflect the ever-increasing gasoline prices is somewhere in the neighborhood of $15,000 - but the "story" (and I use that word very loosely) here is that people are getting confused.

"[Petroleum Equipment] Institute vice president Robert Renkes said small stations should buy kits to recalibrate their pumps if they can't afford to replace them.

"If for no other reason, half pricing is confusing and can be inconvenient for the customer. When I buy gasoline I stop the pump at the dollar amount I want to spend. So let's say I have $60 to spend and the meter, if it's on half pricing — reads $31.50 and I forgot to stop it at $30, what do I do?" he said."

I dunno, Rob, learn MATH? What would you have done if you have $60 to spend on gas on an ordinary system, and you forget to stop it at $60? I've said it before, and I'll say it again - people are dumb.

Kind of like this guy here, who was just trying to go to the ATM:

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Or KTLA reporter Eric Spillman, who decided that "responsible journalism" meant he should go down to the Apple Store on the day of the iPhone launch to ask customers waiting in line if they've "ever seen a woman naked." And subsequently, he gets his pompous line of questioning handed right back to him on live television:

And with that, I'm off to work.

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